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Pan Card Apply Online

Pan Card Apply is Online Process to obtain a 10 Digit Pan Card Number which is issued by the Income Tax Department of India under section 139A of the income tax act 1961. In india every taxpayer or doing any type of the financial transaction whether it's about opening bank account or identity proof, you always need a Pan Card. Here on you can easily pan card apply online with eKYC System where you have to submit the basic documents with the details & get your Pan Card in Just 1 Hour. Here is the ex of Pan Card - AELPU5278H . The objective of pan card to track or trace all the financial transaction and stop tax evasion in India. Pan Card validity is for the lifetime. Pan card can be issued only 1 pan card to 1 person Only. Once a Unique Identification PAN Card Number has been allotted then any change in PAN Card like PAN Card Correction or Update does not change the pan card number. 

What is NSDL PAN Apply

NSDL is agency which is appointed by govt of India to issued the new pan card via online or offline for the same. NSDL proceed further the New or Old Pan Card Application & issued 10 digit pan card number after the verification of the Documents etc. ON 29th oct 2018 RBI also issued Payment Bank License to NSDL for the same. NSDL is promoted by IDBI & NSE and UTI Majorly, after that some private or govt banks have stake in the NSDL Company.

What is UTI (UTIITSL) PAN Apply

UTIITSL is similar company to the NSDL which is appointed by the govt of india to issued the new pan card online or offline. Apart from the pan card UTIITSL is also managed the mutual funds AMC or Bonds or Deposit or shareholder of the corporate & financial institutions and government companies.

New Pan Card Apply vs Duplicate or Correction Pan Card

While you apply pan online then you have to take care about the 3 things. whether you have to apply for the new pan card or duplication pan card or correction pan card. So It's all applicable in below 3 conditions -

a) when you do'nt have any pan card - Apply New Pan Card
b) when your pan card has been lost or stolen - Apply for Duplicate pan card without any changes
c) When your pan card need changes - Apply for correction in Pan Card. 

What is Pan Card Apply Official Website

Pan Card Apply Online can only through 2 official website. These website are appointed by the Govt of India i.e NSDL and UTI for the same. Both Originations having office in Mumbai & Pune for the same. These only 2 Organization can issued valid Pan Card Only in India anywhere. Apart from this there are various professional & online portal like which is treated as mediator & provide professional expertise service to apply Pan Online on these website. 

Pan Card Apply Online is Possible

Yes Pan Card Apply is Online Possible. From the 8th April 2012 Most of the PAN Card Applicable can be done online but still documents submission is the offline process. After the apply online on these portal you have to submit the documents via courier. But after the implementation of the Ekyc Method where your aadhar card number is linked with your pan card. In that case you have not required to send any kind of the Documents.

Steps on Apply Pan Card with NSDL

NSDL Pan Apply is simplified process. You have to follow below steps to apply pan card online on NSDL-
Step 1: First of you all you need to go official NSDL Website and fillup the basic details like Ward/Circle Range , AO Code and AO Number etc. These details can be found through income tax department or having knowledge about that.
Step 2 : In next step you have to fill-up your name, aadhar card number & name with the personal address details. Apart from personal address if you have any office address then you can provide the same or keep personal address as same.
Step 3 : Now in the third step you have to fill-up your income details for ex- why you want to apply for the pan card.
Step 4 : in next step you have to provide you contact details & upload the necessary documents to obtain the pan card.
Step 5 : At the end you have to just fill-up a declaration Column & sign at the bottom of the application.
Step 6 : Once you completed the Form49A Application form, You will be redirect on the payment gateway where you have to pay Fee online, after that a Acknowledgement number will be generated the same
Step 7 : Now simply take the printout of the acknowledgement form & sign at the bottom, after that simply attached your documents like aadhar card & 10th marksheet etc & Create a envelope & quote acknowledgement number at the top.
Step 8 : Now you have to send this envelope to NSDL Pune office “Income Tax PAN Services Unit, National Securities Depository Limited, 3rd Floor, Sapphire Chambers, Near Banner Telephone Exchange, Banner, Pune - 411045 “ via Speed Post for the same. 
Step 9 : Once your speed post received by the NSDL, You will get the Alert on your registered mobile number & email id for the same.
Step 10 : After that NSDL Verify the Documents & send the pan card soft copy via email & hard copy via Indian normal post for the same.

So in these 10 Steps you can simply apply for the Pan Card on NSDL Portal. But if you want to take advantage of the Ekyc Without sending your documents anywhere, then apply your pan card through thorugh EKYC.

Steps on Apply Pan Card with UTIITSL (UTI)

UTI or UTIITSL Portal is the similar with the NSDL. Below are the steps to Apply Pan Card Online with the UTIITSL –
Step 1 : You have to visit the official UTIITSL Website and fillip Application49A with the basic details.
Step 2 : once you fill-up all the details from ward number to basic information & address etc. you have to verify through a Captacha Code.
Step 3 : After that you will be redirect on the payment gateway where you have to make payment online via cards/netbanking/UPI etc.
Step 4 : Once you make the payment, A Coupon Number has been generated for the same.
Step 5 : after that simply take the printout of the application form & affix passport size photograph & sign at the Top of the application & bottom of the application along with on the photograph for the same.
Step 6 : Now simply attached your documents with the application form & create a envelope & sent to UTIITSL Office Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata or new delhi etc.
Step 7 : Once your parcel has been received, you will get the alert via email & sms.
Step 8 : After some days you will get your pan card via Speed Post at your home address. 

Individual Pan Card vs Pan Card Registration of other entity -

During the Pan Card Online Process, individual pan card can be created easily but if we are talking about the other entity like Partnership Firm or LLP or Private Limited Company or OPC etc. then we need properly Pan Card Registration for the same. Apart from that, for the Private limited company or LLP or OPC etc directly issued pan card registration by MCA Department instead of NSDL or UTIITSL.

What is ePAN Card Apply ?

ePan Card is playing very important role in Digital India. Now traditional pan card apply online will be changed. In every type of the work digital pan card will be accept instead of the physical pan card copy. So while you apply for the pan card. you have option to choose Physical Pan Card delivery or with ePan Card Delivery. ePan Card will be delivered via email on the registered applicant.

Difference under eKYC Pan Apply Online -

Under eKyc Process, PAN Card Application would become paperless application for the same. eKYC is directly linked with your aadhar card & their registered mobile number. so when you apply pan card online then after the submission of the PAN Application, you have not required send the documents, simply verify your application thorugh OTP Process. so It's called eKYC Pan Process for the same.

Use of the Pan Card -

In India when you apply for the Pan Card then after obtaining 10 Digit PAN Card Number, you can get done following below things –
a)Filing of Income Tax Return ( ITR Return )
b)Opening a saving bank account
c)Transfer or Withdraw or Deposit in bank account more than 50000 Rs a time.
d)Purchase or Sale of any vehicle
e)For the apply Credit Card
f)For the DMAT Account Opening
g)Buy or Sell any Property in India anywhere
h)For Claim your Income Tax Refund.
i)For Identity Proof

So in the above conditions Pan Card is very useful for the same. Apart from the above things, there are lot of situation when pan card is mandatory. Even recently govt announce to link the pan card with the aadhar card which makes more reliable to the pan card.

What are the Payment Option on Apply Pan Card Online

For Apply Pan Card Online As mentioned above Pan Card have 2 type of the Fee so for the Payment Option, if you applied with the website like ePanApply or NSDL or UTI etc. then you have to pay via any bank debit card/credit card/net banking or UPI etc. these portal are used popular payment gateway which is used all of the online payment method for the same.

What is Pan 49A Application

Pan 49A is Pan Card application form where you have to insert your basic details for the same. In this form you have to insert your name with your aadhar card number , contact details and address etc. So 49A is just only Application form to apply Pan Card Online.

Documents Required for Pan Card

Pan Card is required mainly 3 type of the Documents. When you apply pan card online, You have to upload or send the 3 type of the documents i.e

1) Id Proof (Identity Proof)
You have to provide below any Identity Proof of the Documents –
•Aaadhar Card issued by the UIDAI Portal - It’s a Common Document to getting PAN. Now in India most of the Person have own Aadhar Card. So This is the simplest Documents as Identity proof for the PAN Card Apply Online.
•Voter Identity Card – Voter id also a common documents where your name with address is mentioned and work as identity Proof.
•Driving License - Apart from Aadhar Card or Voter id Driving license will be work as Identity Proof of the applicant during Apply Pan Card.
•Passport – for the foreign applicant Passport is only the Identity Proof as PAN Card Applicant.

2)Address Proof –
You have to Provide below Address Proof while apply for the Pan Card –
•Aadhar Card
•Voter id
•Driving License
•Bank Account Statement
•Credit Card Statement
•Landline or Broadband Telephone Bill
•Electricity Bill Copy
•Water Bill Copy
•Gas Connection Card
•Passport of the Spouse
•Property Registration Documents Etc.

3)Date of Birth Proof
You have to provide below any documents as Date of Birth Proof while apply for the Pan Card Online
•Aadhar Card
•Driving license
•Birth Certificate issued by the Govt
•Matriculation Certificate (10th Marksheet or Certificate where DOB Appear)
•Marriage Registration Certificate

So above documents Checklist is not exact, there are some other documents alternative but Here we mentioned only that documents which is very common and hold by every Indian citizen. ​You can Checkout here Full Documents Checklist.

Eligibility for Pan Apply

Eligibility for the Pan Card are depend on the Age for the Individual and Legal status on the other’s entity. If we talk about the individual then there is no Age limit to apply for the pan card but when you are below 18 then you can apply only for the Minor Pan Card.
Apart from above below entity can apply for the Pan Card –
•Hindu Undivided Families or HUFs
•Corporate like Private Limited Company or LLP or OPC etc
•Firms like Partnership Firm
•Minor under the age 18
•Senior Citizen age above 60+

Important Points during New PAN Card Apply

While apply for Pan Card Online then you have to take care about the some most important things which are mentioned below point wise –
•Your Full Name will be exact match with your identity proof , address proof & date of birth proof for the same.
•Your Address should be full Address with the proper pin Code with your documents.
•For the Manual Forms always Fill-Up Application with Capital Letters.
•Overwriting on the forms always be avoid.
•Always insert properly your First Name, Middle Name & Last name.
•If you hold previously any Pan Then never applied for the new pan card.
•In case of Lost or Stolen or Changes never applied new pan card application

How to Track Pan Card after Apply

Once you applied for the Pan Card at NSDL or UTTISL , You can simply track by acknowledgement number or Coupon Number which is allotted by the these organization. You have to simply go on the Portal link & provide you acknowledgement number & track the status.
In the Status of the Pan Card, its showing the like Printing of the Pan Card or Dispatch of the Pan Card via courier name & their tracking number etc. So with the pan card tracking status you will get the idea when you will get the physical pan card copy for the same.  Here is the link to Track your Pan Card -  
Track Pan Card

Can we Apply Manual Pan Card 

Yes you can Apply for Pan Card manually instead of the online. In that case you have to follow below steps –
a)Download Form49A PDF and take the printout of the same,.
b)After that simply fillup all the details & sign and attached all the documents.
c)You have to Pay Fee via Cash at NSDL Center or Prepare a Cheque or DD for the same.
d)Submit your application nearest pan Application center for the same.
e)You will get the Acknowledgement & get the pan card at your home address for the same.

FAQ on Pan Card Apply Online

a)Can you apply more than 1 pan card Online ?
No, if you are already holding any pan card then even in case of stolen or lost or correction, you can’nt apply another pan card. Its is against the law and attract penalty up to 10000/- INR

B) If I have more than 1 pan card then what have do ?
You have to surrender your second pan card through NSDL or Income tax portal for the same.

c) What is the Proof of Apply Pan Card Online ?
After the submission of the application, You will get the 15 Digit Acknowledgement Number which is the proof and further correspondence reference number to track your application.

d) Pan Card is nationalized or need to change when you move any other state or City ?
Pan Card is nationalized which is not like Voter id. You can simply change your communication address in your pan card for the same.

e) Why Pan Card Mentioned Only Father Name even after Marriage ?
Right Now as per the Act all the Married female have to insert their father name only. There is no provision to mentioned husband name in the pan card.

f) What if not having any email id or Contact number during PAN Submission ?
During the pan card application you have to mentioned your valid contact number & email id both so if in any case department want to contact, they will easily connect with you.

g) What is Ekyc Method ?
After the implementation of the aadhar card, most of the govt portal using the ekyc method. Where they simply verify your identity by obtaining confirmation on your aadhar card via OTP Based.

h) Can I Download my Pan Card Online ?
Yes you can download your pan card online only if you applied online under the Ekyc method. Then you will proceed for download within in next 1 hour for the same.

I) What if my transaction failed without generate the Acknowledgement Number ?
if your transaction has been failed then you can retry the payment. In some case if amount is debited from your account then it will be credited in next 2-3 business days for the same.

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